Subtitling and Editing subtitles

Editing service for S4C

One of Testun's main subtitling roles is editing subtitles for S4C. Since establishing the editing unit in 1994, its workload has increased and there is now a team of five responsible for editing the subtitles of an increasing number of programmes on S4C, including S4C digidol, and preparing open subtitles for repeat broadcasts. Testun also creates open subtitles for the purposes of promoting and marketing the channel's programmes and showing them in film and television festivals throughout the world.

Our editing staff are highly-qualified linguists who can edit and summarise, deem whether subtitles are in keeping with the programme and make editorial decisions as needed. They are familiar with the subtitling equipment and can address technical aspects of the work and adjust time codes as appropriate.

The editing department also has a consultative role and advises on the further development of the services. In March 2008, “Canllawiau S4C ar gyfer isdeitlwyr yng Nghymru” (“S4C guidelines for subtitlers in Wales”) was published in Welsh by Heulwen L. James, a member of our editing team. Since the publication of the first version eight years ago, these guidelines have formed the basis for setting and maintaining the highest possible standards amongst the nation’s subtitlers. They are now available as a PDF file here on our website (see below) and on S4C’s website. By publishing them electronically in this way they can be updated regularly as the service develops further. It is hoped that the medium will attract users and facilitate and encourage further discussion between all those with an interest in subtitling in Wales.

.pdf Canllawiau S4C ar gyfer isdeitlwyr yng Nghymru
(S4C guidelines for subtitlers in Wales)